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Relocating from one place to another can be a daunting task. Besides the psychological implications of literally uprooting your life and starting afresh in a new place, the practical aspects like packing up a whole house can weigh down even the most experienced residential movers in Calgary. However, sometimes relocating to a new place is not a luxury but a necessity you can neither put off nor avoid.

You can make the task simpler and less stressful by employing the services of a reputed residential moving company. If you are anywhere in or around Alberta, Canada, you could safely rely on the most dependable residential movers Calgary – ShaanMoving.

ShaanMoving - Professional residential movers

Set up nearly five years ago, this residential Calgary movers firm caters to relocating needs of every kind. All you need to do is make a call to the residential movers, and expert handlers from ShaanMoving will take care of the entire relocation process, from packing to moving, transportation and unloading at your new destination.

The movers and packers from this company are trained in ensuring safety of your priced possessions, which means you don't have to fret about breakages and damage to goods and furniture. These professionals so sought after in the vicinity because they deliver on their promise of offering top-notch services in minimum time possible,without burning a hole in your pocket.

Services Offered

Though ShaanMoving are better known for their residential moving, they offer a whole host of other services as well. Some of the key areas of expertise of this Calgary residential movers company include:

Residential Moving: This is most certainly the USP of ShaanMoving. The company is well-staffed with physically fit, trained and motivated personnel who exercise great care and precision in handling your belongings. It employs special tools to guarantee safety of items when removing them from tricky places such as close attic spaces that displays the professional approach of the resident movers. You can always get involved in the process, and have them customize the packing and moving process as per your needs. In addition to the regular household items, ShaanMoving also offer specialized services for transporting premium belongings such as cars, musical instruments and boats. They are some of the best residential movers.

Office Moving: The fluid nature of today's times is not just limited to people. Organizations too may feel the need to relocate from one place to another, be it for setting up operations in a more high-end neighborhood or moving to a more profitable location. Experts at ShaanMoving understand the nuances involved in moving the paraphernalia of an entire company. The company draws up a detailed work plan before its employees get down to business. This is done with a view to minimize down time, and ensure sensitive equipment such as computers, hard drives; servers and important documents are not damaged in the process.

Packing and Unpacking: One of the key aspects of moving from place to another is efficient packing and unpacking. Most damage happens during this process. Given the myriad of belongings, a lot of times residential movers find it hard to arrive at a starting point in the packing process. You will be amazed at how simple the process appears when professionals from ShaanMoving arrive with a load of packing materials and cartons, and safely tuck away stuff from room after room. The packed boxes are then duly labeled to avoid any confusion at the time of unpacking.

Garbage Removal: More often than not people tend to discard all the unwanted items when packing up a house, in order to minimize the travel load. You may want to get rid of an old armchair or a chunky couch that has been sitting in a corner of the house without being duly utilized. ShaanMoving take care of all your unwanted belongings and duly dispose them off without adding any extra charges to your bill. Whether it is a piece of old furniture or clutter caused by batteries and out-of-use electronics, the residential moving firm takes care of it all.

Factors to Consider

Before employing the services of these Calgary residential movers, you may want to take into consideration every possible aspect of services such as expected time for finishing the job, billing pattern and protection measures.

The time of move is determined by factors such as volume of cargo and distance.

The billing time starts when ShaanMoving staff arrives at your doorstep and ends with the entire cargo load being unloaded at the final destination

Modern packing techniques and high-end packing materials are used to ensure safety of your belongings

You can make payments in cash, or through credit cards and checks. There is no defined discount policy; however, regular customers may be offered a special price for their continued patronage.

If you are looking for affordable residential movers that are efficient and provide quick moving service then contact ShaanMoving. The residential movers offer a highly personalized touch in handling your belongings and can be your one-stop solution when you are looking for Calgary residential movers.